The Making of Morrie's - Menu Tasting

Go inside a menu tasting with “The Making of Morrie’s”
Dining at the future Morrie’s Steakhouse is designed to be unforgettable.

From a 32-ounce, bone-in Wagyu ribeye to the signature Morrie’s steak, corporate chef Chad Olson put dozens of menu items to the test before they landed a spot at the dinner table.

“We’ve done a bunch of different items,” he says. “We want to project what is fresh, what is flavorful, has a great presentation, and we wanted it all to come together to be able to offer our guests a quality product.”

The team at Vanguard Hospitality all pitches in what it’s time to taste test.

And they are a discriminating bunch.

Watch “The Making of Morrie’s” to go inside their menu tasting, and be the first to see what delectable dishes might make the cut for the Morrie’s menu.