In partnership with Coffea Roasterie, and Fernando Diaz, of Guatemala, we are proud to present a limited offering of Special Release Coffee Beans.

We believe exceptional dining begins with people and thrives through partnerships – whether they’re close to home or across the globe.

In partnership with Coffea Roasterie, of Sioux Falls and Fernando Diaz, of Guatemala, Morrie’s Steakhouse is proud to present a limited Special Release coffee beans.

For this Special Release, Fernando Diaz, whose farm, Santa Ana, is located in the ideal coffee-growing region of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, has exclusively sorted out his SL-28 variety.

Why is this coffee special?
SL-28 is a variety typically grown in Kenya that is prized by coffee professionals around the world for its flavor packed cup quality. The variety, identified by Scott Labs in the 1930s, is commonly described with juicy, tropical and incredibly sweet tasting notes. Nearly a decade ago, Fernando planted this variety in his garden in Finca Santa Ana - curious and hopeful that his soil and microclimate would produce something truly special. We think his results are delicious, but please don't take our word for it!
We taste sweet tropical fruit (starfruit if you want to be specific), strawberry, and cashew with a silky body.

Brew your coffee beans in a variety of ways, from French press to a vacuum brewer. Using a pour-over method is considered the preferred approach.

And know when you savor the coffee ahead that you’re doing your part for honoring the land, too.

With every bag of coffee purchased, a donation will be made to Friends of the Big Sioux River.

8oz whole beans $30. Call or stop by Morrie's to purchase.

Visit our YouTube channel to see see Fernando Diaz and his farm:


The Mission: To protect and restore the Big Sioux River and its watershed, improve the water quality, and educate our community to build a conservation ethic.