In partnership with Coffea Roasterie, and Fernando Diaz, of Guatemala, we are proud to present a limited offering of Geisha coffee.

Like a fine wine, Geisha coffees require unique cultivating conditions and have a stunning aroma.

Experts have rated them as “outstanding,” and described the coffee to have a flavor unmatched by any other coffee in the world.

That starts with producers like Fernando Diaz, whose farm, Santa Ana, is located in the ideal coffee-growing region of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Born and raised among the high elevations and volcanic soil, Fernando took over the operation from his father.

What began as an idea for a side project grew into producing outstanding coffee for the specialty market.

Coffea has been working with Fernando for more than seven years and has seen his farm produce a wide selection of coffee varietals. He’s always looking to improve, he’s methodical in his growing, picking and processing, and he infuses data into every step of his coffee’s life.

So when you taste his Geisha coffee, you’re tasting the result of passion and partnership from three local businesses committed to the land and what it produces.

Brew your Geisha coffee beans in a variety of ways, from French press to a vacuum brewer. Using a pour-over method is considered the preferred approach.

And know when you savor the coffee ahead that you’re doing your part for honoring the land, too.

With every bag of coffee purchased, a $5 donation will be made to Friends of the Big Sioux River.

$45 - LIMITED TO 50 8oz BAGS.

Purchase at Morrie’s Steakhouse or by calling 605-362-8125.